Little Girl

There was this little girl,
Caught in a little world.
away from the things,
that made her who she was.
A change had come.
she didnt know,
who she had become.
For a storm took her by shock,
and she keeps swirling into the
vicious circle of the clock.
Day in day out….
time doesn’t pass.
But she still holds on to hope
and belief that God’s plans surpass,
any difficulty she faces at the moment.
On this empty road,
She’s walking with the creator of the world.
and she believes that the sun will rise,
again in her little world.

-Soniya Agrawal



The pain you feel changes you,

it makes you who you are.

Questions you where you want to go

take a small step ahead, or jump very far.

Pain is what you feel today

to make your tomorrow better.

The lessons that it teaches you,

as to what in life really matters.

Pain is inevitable, it will come and go.

But when you rise through this pain

life will be a beautiful shade of rainbow.

  -Soniya Agrawal

Power of Prayer

What can be done when faced with crossroads,

What can be done when soul doesn’t glow

What can be done when shadows follow you

What can be done when they just won’t go.


What can be done when the world stands still,

And yet there’s a beaming chaos in mind

What can be done to pacify the heart

What can be done so that life again shines?


Prayer, yes prayer is what we need

To find the answers from deep within

To open the channels of love and light

And to let the soul shine again so bright!

-Soniya Agrawal





All of these lines across our faces,

All of the scars we’ve had in our lives.

They’re a gentle reminder of who we are,

And what we have survived.

What we’ve overcome,

What we’ve now become.

Where did we fall,

How did we rise

What made us thrive,

And what we have survived.

Our stories must be heard,

For others to get inspired.

It’s not about something deprived,

It’s about what we have survived.

-Soniya Agrawal



Tribute to Manchester Arena Victims

All the struggles we face today
All the struggles we faced in the past
To The brave victims, I pay my respect.
And condemn the act of cowardly blast.
Hatred is not the answer,
Hatred will not last.
We shall stand united in the time of terror.
Until the time of trial is surpassed
Until the time of trial is surpassed.

                              –Soniya Agrawal