Feeling Blank Is Okay: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

When I woke up today and realized, today isn’t going to be the same. It is going to be tough for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I honored it. I accepted it, and I didn’t resist it. The feeling is there, it has come, it will pass too, I thought to myself. 


Whenever the clock strikes 22:27 I always think of you. I see all the tubes and wires, That you were attached to. I feel the same pain and fear, That I felt that night. When you took your breath for the last time. While I was hoping you’d be alright. The decision I took, To [...]


I was walking down a road, The lonely path that I chose Oblivious to the fact, That angel was following me throughout. I fell and got hurt, I couldn’t get back up. I saw darkness’s most cruel face, I tried but could not get back my pace. Just when I wanted to give up, I [...]


Clear blue skies, From the ashes we rise. into the clear blue skies, from the ashes we rise. and when the darkness descends, we strive to find our way. we need to stand on our own two feet, and help ourselves in every way. To rise above the dark path, to rise above ashes, into [...]

Little Girl

There was this little girl, Caught in a little world. away from the things, that made her who she was. A change had come. she didnt know, who she had become. For a storm took her by shock, and she keeps swirling into the vicious circle of the clock. Day in day out.... time doesn't [...]