Little Girl

There was this little girl,
Caught in a little world.
away from the things,
that made her who she was.
A change had come.
she didnt know,
who she had become.
For a storm took her by shock,
and she keeps swirling into the
vicious circle of the clock.
Day in day out….
time doesn’t pass.
But she still holds on to hope
and belief that God’s plans surpass,
any difficulty she faces at the moment.
On this empty road,
She’s walking with the creator of the world.
and she believes that the sun will rise,
again in her little world.

-Soniya Agrawal



The pain you feel changes you,

it makes you who you are.

Questions you where you want to go

take a small step ahead, or jump very far.

Pain is what you feel today

to make your tomorrow better.

The lessons that it teaches you,

as to what in life really matters.

Pain is inevitable, it will come and go.

But when you rise through this pain

life will be a beautiful shade of rainbow.

  -Soniya Agrawal

Closer to Home



When I think about life,

And all I’ve done till now.

Sometimes I think oh no!

And sometimes I scream wow!

Life is a cluster of great possibilities,

To let us strive harder, and explore our abilities

We are all experimenting with ourselves,

Sometimes in colour and sometimes monochrome,

But all I want to go is a little closer to home.

It’s not any place, not even a person.

It’s just a feeling of being at peace,

Where the thoughts don’t worsen.

A haven I need, I don’t want to roam,

All I want to go is a little closer to home.

-Soniya Agrawal