What is a morning without a hope,

What is a night without the willingness to cope.

With all of our demons,

With all our past ghosts.

With hope we can avoid,

For them to be the hosts.

With hope everything is possible,

It’s the need of the hour.

So always be sweet and hopeful,

And never get sour!

-Soniya Agrawal


Closer to Home



When I think about life,

And all I’ve done till now.

Sometimes I think oh no!

And sometimes I scream wow!

Life is a cluster of great possibilities,

To let us strive harder, and explore our abilities

We are all experimenting with ourselves,

Sometimes in colour and sometimes monochrome,

But all I want to go is a little closer to home.

It’s not any place, not even a person.

It’s just a feeling of being at peace,

Where the thoughts don’t worsen.

A haven I need, I don’t want to roam,

All I want to go is a little closer to home.

-Soniya Agrawal