Looking Back?

Since ages, this world of ours has been divided into the Past, the Present and the future. All of our lives’ moments, small or big, good or bad, were, are and will be matters of these three elements of time. 

However, many of us have a tough time coping up with whatever bad has happened in the past and we carry it to our present. We were hurt, committed a great mistake, were a part of something that we aren’t proud of, had a troubled childhood, a troubled love life or a troubled marriage for that matter. Such events take a piece of ourselves each time we think about it. Each time we relive it in our heads. But is it really not in our control? Well here’s the answer to this question. 

Whatever I say, I say from my own experiences. It is solely a matter of an individual choice how one goes about dealing with his/her past. Some take a lot of time letting go than the others. But I wanna tell you one secret here that, if we want to live a happy and positive life, It’s high time we stop dwelling over the past and focus on the present. When we start letting go, we make room for better things to come and mend our lives in the best way possible. If we waste time looking back on what we have lost, we will never get out of it and keep drowning into the vicious circle of past happenings. This life we live is a gift from our heavenly father, and by dwelling over the past issues, all we are doing is taking it for granted. 

Life was never meant to be easy, all the difficulties we face and come over are only to polish us into shining diamonds. But only those who make peace with their past, accept it and move on will attract the best aspects for the present. Yesterday is gone, and what’s done is done! Losing Ourselves on the possibility of what could have been done is not justified. Life is never meant to be traveled backwards, it can only be understood better from the past experiences. We can learn from our past but we must always live in the present and hope the best for the future. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come. Amidst of all this we have just got today, don’t you think we should make the best out of it?  


It’s being here Now that’s the most important thing and that’s all that matters, the ‘Present’, The ‘Today’. My friends, time is a very misleading thing, All there ever is the ‘Now’. We can look back in the past and gain experiences and learning from it but we cannot relive it or make it better. All we need to do is gather the past experiences to make the present better and best as it can get. Moreover, we can hope for the future, but we never know if there is any.  Past is a black ghost, and the more you fear it the more it will snatch away the happiness out of you!


All you need to do is let go and move on towards a better today and a brighter tomorrow! Just a matter of thought! 


– Soniya Agrawal


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