Angel In Disguise

An angel in disguise,

told me to rise

above my pain, above my suffering,

The angel held my hand

and took me from cold winters to the blossoming spring.

The angel in disguise,

caressed my head.

Warmed my heart

Which was until now Dead.

The angel in disguise

taught me to hope. 

against all odds,

It gave me the strength to cope.

The angel in disguise,

Forever stays with me.

Makes me a better person everyday

And with it by my side, I feel free.

-Soniya Agrawal


6 thoughts on “Angel In Disguise

  1. Soniya, this is so true. You have your own guardian angel. She stays by your side all the time, protect you, watch out for you, hold your hand so you won’t fall, and give you strength to go on. This poem is so beautiful, speaking the truth. Thank you for sharing with me. I like the way you write!!

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